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Unlimited free app builder without coding

Apps Generator is a free online apps builder tool to instantly create apps and landing pages. Design and Build unlimited apps with no strings attached.


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Various Theme Color Presets

App Templates

Free App Templates to create your app

With our free app templates you can create instant apps and landing pages. Choose one of the preset templates below or use the app builder wizard to start from scratch.

RSS Feed App

RSS Feed App

Create a personal news feed of your favorite website or blog.

Spotify playlist

Spotify playlist

Create a Spotify landing page for artists and bands

Linktree generator

Bio Links Template

A Free Bio Link template for your Instagram or Twitter profile

Coming Soon landing page

Countdown Landing Page

Create a coming soon countdown landing page for your upcoming event, birthday or holiday

Custom HTML-code App or webpage

Custom HTML App

Create a custom HTML app or website

Free landing page builder template

Landing page builder

Quickly design and launch custom landing pages

My Band musician template

My Band app

Music landing page for artists and bands

Contact App Page

Simple Contact page

Simple contact landing page with Google Map and contact information

YouTube channel landing page

Youtube channel landing page

Turn YouTube channel or playlist into app

Restaurant Page

Restaurant menu maker

Create restaurant menu with landing page.

Create a Flickr Photo landing page

Flickr Photostream App

Create Flickr album app from your photostream.

About Me App Page

About Me Landing page

Create a one-page personal landing page.

Send Valentine message

Happy Valentine message

Create a Valentine page for your loved ones

App Builder Wizard

Start building your landing page with Free Apps Builder.

Apps Builder

What is App Builder?

AppsGenerator is an app making software designed to be simple and user-friendly. You create a new app in real time and can use immediately. AppsGenerator offers easy visual template tools for app creators. You can build app without coding from online content - texts, images, custom HTML code, etc. App makers are best for small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs who have limited time, limited budgets and limited coding expertise.

Is it necessary to use any additional app creation software apart from AppsGenerator?

With AppsGenerator, you can create a mobile app online without the need for custom app development or downloading any software. The platform offers straightforward instructions that even novice computer users can follow to develop and launch their own mobile app. You don't have to install Xcode, Android Studio, or any other specialized app development software. Just ensure that you have a reliable internet connection and begin building your app.

How much does it cost to build an app?

AppsGenerator is a free app builder with over 100 thousand apps created to date. You can create, use, share apps for free. We have no hidden charges for building apps. All functionality of the app builder is completely free. For advanced users and businesses AppsGenerator offers premium features and plans. (Coming soon)

Can someone with no experience make an own app?

With the help of an app builder that offers step-by-step instructions, even the most basic computer user can develop and launch their own mobile app. In fact, AppsGenerator is so easy that even an 8-year-old child can create their own app. All you need to do is decide what type of app you want to build, and even those with no coding knowledge can quickly learn how to build an app.